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The Fremont Police Association takes great pride in our Fremont community, not just in our daily duties, but also in providing opportunities and support to those in need. The Fremont Police Association sponsors several community events yearly, has a college scholarship program, and donates to community programs and members in need.

Photo Credit: KTVU Fox 2 News

A Fremont Police Association member investigated an automotive burglary in the City of Fremont. Our member learned during the investigation that Mr. Ray, the victim, is a 78-year-old working carpenter. On the morning of July 15, 2023, Mr. Ray looked forward to finishing work and fine detailing on his latest project, a beautiful mantle. Unfortunately, on this day, he discovered that his work truck had sustained thousands of dollars in damages, which resulted in the theft of his tools. As a result of this crime, Mr. Ray could not work to support his family. Mr. Ray explained to our member that his priority is to provide care and financial support for his wife, who has recently been hospitalized for multiple strokes. His loss from this auto burglary is detrimental to his household, and he needed assistance.

The Fremont Police Association asked for your help to restore Mr. Ray’s vehicle to working order and replace his stolen tools so that he can work and support his wife. We set a fundraiser goal based on the cost of damage to Mr. Ray’s truck and the value of his missing tools. With the help of the Fremont and Bay Area Community, The Fremont Police Association raised double that. We could not have raised so much money in only 13 hours without the help of our media partners, which include KTVU Fox 2 News and ABC7 KGO Bay Area News.

Photo credit: David Ray

On July 25th, 2023, FPA Members Grant Goepp and Lan Tran got to meet Mr. Ray and deliver the proceeds of our fundraiser. Mr. Ray expressed his gratitude for the generosity extended to his family by the Fremont Community and the entire Bay Area. The Fremont Police Association is proud and grateful for the privilege of being able to help a cause such as this to succeed.

FPA plans to launch a charitable organization which will facilitate similar causes and programs in the near future. Look for our launch both here and at fpacharities.org.

Chris Tucker

Chris has been a police officer since 2007 when he started with the Los Altos Police Department. Chris came to the Fremont Police Department in 2016 and was elected to serve on the Fremont Police Association Board of Directors in 2018. Chris is the Association Treasurer and is the lead Systems Administrator for FPA.