Mike Gilfoy and Jake Shannon

Today Fremont Police Association members proudly represented the Fremont Police Department at Fremont’s Burgers and Brews Festival. Our members made an award-winning burger and our Association President even had a chance to hang out with retired Fremont Police Officer and current City Council Member Rick Jones. Also, congratulations to City Council Member Rick Jones and Fremont Police Captain Matthew Snelson for getting first place in the Burger Competition! Check out some of our photos from today in the City of Fremont, CA Government!

Chris Tucker

Chris has been a police officer since 2007 when he started with the Los Altos Police Department. Chris came to the Fremont Police Department in 2016 and was elected to serve on the Fremont Police Association Board of Directors in 2018. Chris is the Association Treasurer and is the lead Systems Administrator for FPA.


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