78 Year-Old Fremont Carpenter Needs Your Help


Fremont and Bay Area Community,

You’ve moved us beyond words, and have surpassed our goal for Mr. Ray by more than twice that IN ONLY 13 HOURS! We’ve closed the donation portal for this particular campaign as our mission has run its course and we are proud to announce that Mr. Ray will receive all the funds raised because of your outpouring of generosity. Thank you all so much for your support of Mr. Ray, thank you to our media partners for getting the message out, and thank you for the privilege of serving such a supportive community.

On the morning of July 15, 2023, Mr. Ray looked forward to finishing work and fine detailing on his latest project, a beautiful mantle. Unfortunately, on this day, he discovered that his work truck had sustained thousands of dollars in damages, which resulted in the theft of his tools. As a result of this crime, Mr. Ray cannot work to support his family. Mr. Ray explained to our member that his priority is to provide care and financial support for his wife, who has recently been hospitalized for multiple strokes. His loss from this auto burglary is detrimental to his household, and he needs assistance.

The Fremont Police Association is asking for your help to restore Mr. Ray’s vehicle to working order and replace his stolen tools so that he can work and support his wife. We aim to reach a goal of $10,000, which will cover repair and replacement costs. We hope you consider a donation to support Mr. Ray. We appreciate your consideration.